Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 22 - A Website

My first inclination is to write about MY

Jared and I were just reflecting on this business website yesterday. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2005 (shortly after we started our business), when it had no official shopping cart, and I used Paypal buttons for everything. I've redesigned it at least 3 times since then...changing programs along the way. Several years ago I settled on X-Cart, by far my favorite shopping cart software I've found! To get it to do what I've wanted it to do, I've had to learn a lot about web design. However, don't ask me to tell you what I've done...because I'm sure I won't remember! I've begun to save little notes to myself about how to change things...and I revisit those notes when I have to alter the design, setup, etc. I also use their user forums a lot to solve problems with the site. I've learned how to do use Photoshop, and I enjoy making graphics for the site. It is not perfect (for example, I redesigned the header years ago, and it is a bit fuzzy. I know how to fix it--I have just never gone back to do it. Some fixes aren't worth my time!). I am also blessed to have the best website host alive. Marv Conn at is literally an angel, popping out of nowhere when I create trouble--and always knowing how to fix it! A good website isn't any good without a good host!

Anyhow--it is my pride and joy--truly a blood, sweat, and tears effort over the years!!

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